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Electrical Savings

electrical savings

Electrical Savings – Good for the Environment and Your Wallet Saving electricity will save you money, at the same it is better for the environment. Electricity is both financially and environmentally costly.  By “greening” our electrical consumption, we can lighten the impact to our wallets and to our planet.  Below are few ideas on how a
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4-Star Electric Wins HomeStars Best of Award – Electrician

Electrician Calgary

CALGARY, April 7, 2016 4-Star Electric Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with a HomeStars Best of 2016 award in its category; Electrician. Celebrating its commitment to quality work and service, the awards event took place in Calgary as well as four other major cities across Canada. “To be recognized with
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Are your lights flickering?

lights flickering

Lights flickering can be bothersome however, it is not a sure sign that point to a complete faulty electrical system. However, this flickering is revealing some sort of electrical concern to which could be one of the following scenarios: One flickering light Should you find one flickering light bulb, it is then easy to conclude
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We are Calgary’s CONSUMER CHOICE!

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Proud Winner of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award – 3 Years in a Row!  Thank you Calgary and Area for nominating and selecting 4-Star Electric as the 2016 Consumer Choice Award in the Home and Construction category as an Electrical company recognized in excellent business practices.  We are proud, honored and most definitely humbled. We’ve
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Smoke and CO Detectors: They Save Lives!

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector calgary

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important devices which help keep you, your family and your home safe. Period. Its purpose is to detect any trace of harmful smoke or CO and alarm you (yes, that abrupt and awakening noise) at any given time of the day. A recent study found that many times, fatalities
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electricians calgary

The electrical component in every home and business is a necessity and must function properly and of course, safely.  Electrical laws and regulations have formed to protect residential and business owners around the world from risks such as property damage and even bodily harm. Using an electrical contractor, provides you the assurance that these trained
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Calgary electrical

What would you consider is the “heart” of your home? Most would arguably agree that it is electricity or better yet, the main electrical panel. Yes, the box (typically) in the basement with all the main controls and breakers that switch to protect your appliances from power surge damage. If your home panel had issues, it could mean no electricity to parts of your home which could mean no electricity in your bathroom, or no electricity to your TV, or perhaps in your kitchen. Wait a minute, that could be good news because then you get the day off from cooking, right? Unless of course it’s your refrigerator that has lost electricity and that’s never a good thing especially when you’ve just completed a grocery run.


Electrical contractors Calgary

And yes, this means without having to invest in a gadget or anything to do so. What’s an easy electricity saving tip? Use your major appliances (washing machines, dryers and dishwashers) during off-peak load times. That’s it! Peak Load times (which are from 7am – 11pm) are the busiest times when many homes consume the most energy. In order for the city to keep up with the energy demands during these Peak Load times, they resort to the use of secondary costly generators which for us; the consumers it means the electricity rate per kilowatt is higher during these hours.