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Buying a New or Used Home? Why You’ll Need an Electrician

Buying a New or Used Home? Why You’ll Need an Electrician - 4-Star Electric - Electricians Calgary

Oftentimes, potential homeowners looking at purchasing a newer home will bypass an electrical inspection out of the belief that there’s probably nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether buying a new or used home, it is important to have an electrical inspection done so that you know exactly what
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When Should You Look Into a Panel Upgrade?

When Should You Look Into a Panel Upgrade? - 4-Star Electric - Electrical Contractors Calgary

It is easy to forget our electrical panel hiding in the basement or garage, but the truth is that this panel is an important part of your electrical system. While these devices don’t need the same amount of maintenance as other electrical components, they still need proper care and attention. In fact, you may need
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What Is an Electrical Power Surge, and What Can You Do About It?

What Is an Electrical Power Surge, and What Can You Do About It? - 4-Star Electric - Electrical Contractors Calgary

Many of us have experienced an electrical surge that either caused a shock or even damaged appliances. These surges can be problematic for home and business owners in a number of different ways by creating massive personal and financial risk. Here’s what you need to know about electrical power surges and how to protect yourself
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What Is Our Home Protection Plan?

What Is Our Home Protection Plan? - 4-Star Electric - Calgary Electricians

In 2014, Albertans experienced $191,997,106 in property loss due to fire. About $75 million of that can be attributed to electrical fires. Electrical fires are not only expensive, but can be life-changing, if not fatal. In many cases, these emergencies can be prevented with the proper care and maintenance of electrical systems. That’s why we
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Electricity Through the Decades

electrical history

Ever since Benjamin Franklin flew his fateful kite and discovered that electricity could be harnessed, humans have been constantly finding new ways to use electrical energy in our everyday lives. The past 150 years has shown a huge shift in technology. In this article, we are going to take a journey through the decades to
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4 Tips to Help You Reduce Your Electricity Bill

reduce electrical bill

Summer time is a great opportunity to reassess your utility bills. With the regular heat waves coming in and the intermittent brownouts, it is a good idea to start finding new ways to reduce the amount of electricity that you and your family use. Switching appliances and having renovations done will definitely help, but before
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DIY Electrical: A Dangerous Game

diy electrical

While DIY projects are all the rage these days, there are some things that should be left to the professionals. Changing a bulb or a burnt socket are fairly simple tasks that you could perform safely on your own. Anything beyond that could cause irreparable damage. Here are four reasons that you should call in
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Our Home Protection Plan

In order to keep your family safe from a failing or damaged electrical system, it is imperative to have regular maintenance and inspections. In between soccer practice and ballet, it can be hard to remember electrical maintenance, let alone prioritize it. That’s why we offer several services to ensure that your home’s electrical system is
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Why Routine Electrical Maintenance Is Important

Among other things, electricity lights our homes, keeps us warm, and entertains us. But like any valuable technology, these systems need to be routinely maintained in order to perform at their best and safest. There are two major reasons that you should have routine electrical maintenance done: to protect your people, and to protect your
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Smoke Detectors – What You Need to Know

smoke detector

We all have smoke detectors in our homes and businesses, but do we really know much about them? As one of Calgary’s most trusted electrical companies, we get asked a lot of questions about these life-saving devices. Here are the most important facts you should know: Basic Components Every smoke detector at its core has
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